Monitoring & Surveillance Japan Compliance Officer

October 26, 2023

Monitoring & Surveillance Japan Compliance Officer


  • Standard / Permanent
  • JP-Tokyo-To
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As the leading European Union bank, and one of the world’s largest financial institutions with an uninterrupted presence in the region since 1860, BNP Paribas offers a wide range of financial services for corporate, institutional and private investors spanning corporate and institutional banking, wealth management, asset management and insurance. 

We passionately embrace diversity and are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where all employees are valued and encourage applicants of all backgrounds, including diversity of origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion applicants who may be living with a disability. We have a number of internal employee networks in place to empower our staff to act and challenge the status quo.

BNP Paribas PRIDE is highly active in favour of the LGBTQIA+ community
BNP Paribas MixCity which fosters better representation of women at all levels of the organization
Ability, the mutual aid network for employees with a disability or a disabling or chronic illness
BNP Paribas CulturAll which celebrates diverse backgrounds

BNP is committed to financing a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. The Group is a founding member of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance and has set up its own Low Carbon Transition Group to support its clients through their energy transitions.

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BNP Paribas – Diversity & Inclusion Journey 
BNP Paribas – The Bank Of Green Changes 

Award Obtained
BNPP has won Top employer Europe award in a 10th consecutive year


Key Responsibilities:

The main responsibility of the M&S Compliance Officer position is to handle Trade Surveillance and e-Communication Monitoring, with various duties including, but not limited to:

  • Being accountable for compliance with Market Abuse Surveillance regulation in his/her defined perimeter
  • Being responsible for implementing the firm’s surveillance program in her/his scope in accordance with Market Integrity (“MI”) Domain guidelines
  • Being responsible for identifying suspicious transactions or communications and following/leading the process until a case is closed
  • Being responsible for implementing MI Domain’s initiatives & projects in Japan
  • Coordinate with 1LoD Conduct Surveillance (“FOCS”) and work as an escalation point from FOCS and provide support and advice as needed 

Run the Bank

Trade Surveillance Role :

  • To carry out daily Trade Surveillance covering regulatory requirements as well as commitments made in past inspections, using monitoring applications and procedures that have been developed for this purpose (including vendor applications) in a timely manner;
  • To investigate and escalate issues identified from the monitoring and surveillance activities and work closely with the Business and Compliance colleagues to solve issues and follow up on such issues until remediation
  • To receive and respond to regulatory and other inquiries with regard to transactions and comply with legal and regulatory deadlines for requests for information (“RFI”s) and investigations

Communication Monitoring Role :

  • To review E-Communications such as emails, chats, etc. (“ECom”) and phone records (“Voice”) of business side staff, analyze alerts for Ecom and Voice and close alerts or escalate to the head of the team for further decision, 
  • To ensure the proper use of monitoring tools, and be in charge of evaluating proposed changes to systems where needed and reporting to the team
  • To participate in investigations into issues found by ECom monitoring and/or Voice monitoring. Monitoring as well as responding to requests and inquiries from the business lines
  • To coordinate with Offshoring team in India (“ISPL”) and work as an escalation point from ISPL and provide support, advice and training as needed

Transversal Role :

  • To analyze and report to the Head of M&S and Compliance Management the trends seen in the daily surveillance/monitoring cases, and discuss with the business any necessary additional controls with Advisory Compliance as appropriate
  • To ensure documents, procedures and desk manuals are up to date and effective
  • To ensure systems and controls are up to date and effective
  • To maintain appropriate audit trail and documentation of alerts

Change the Bank :

  • PDCA Cycle:  Carry out periodic reviews regarding the current M&S program and monitor the framework for enhancement as necessary in response to the results of analysis made above, as well as to market/regulation/business changes.
  • Carry out periodic reviews regarding the current M&S program and monitor the framework for enhancement as necessary in response to the results of analyses made above, as well as to market/regulation/business changes
  • Contribute to planning and implementing new surveillance programs as necessary in response to the results of analysis made above, as well as to market/regulation/business changes
  • Enhance the M&S processes so as to achieve higher efficiency, while not cutting back on quality
  • Support colleagues and peers for the achievement of global and regional projects
  • Coordinate with stakeholders in MI M&S team and support the Head of Japan M&S team for promoting and implementing global and regional initiatives
  • Provide training and maintain relevant policies as needed.

Technical & Behavioral Competencies

Technical skills :

  • Advanced knowledge of FIEA, JSDA, JPX-R rules and other related regulations
  • Computer skills
  • Fluency in Japanese and English

Soft skills :

  • Good communication skills and analytical skills
  • An excellent team player who works collaboratively, supports and reports/shares information with the team timely, fulfills his/her own responsibilities as well as of the whole team’s.
  • A person who takes ownership of surveillance activities, thinks out of the box, challenges the business and brings constructive discussion with relevant stakeholders if necessary
  • Attention to detail: be precise in data handling and record keeping;
  • Have a logical way of thinking and ability to explain/present any issue to those who are not yet at that level;
  • Taking initiative: must not be afraid of asking questions to anyone (incl. senior managers or people of other departments) and be able to report/share information as necessary;
  • Proactive learner and self-starter
  • A person with strong IT skills, e.g. VBA, MS Office applications is preferred

Specific Qualifications Required

  • Tertiary degree (equivalent to Bachelor degree) or above
  • JSDA Sales Representative (qualified for the 1st Sales Representative, Internal Control Manager) is desired. 
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