BNP Paribas Japan Corporate Profile

BNP Paribas, Tokyo Branch offers comprehensive corporate banking services taking advantage of the Group’s global network.

Transaction Banking

We offer integrated flow business solutions for BNP Paribas’ corporate & institutional clients, providing them with the banking services they need to run their business on a daily basis. Our global network brings together Trade & Supply Chain Finance, Cash Management, Corporate Deposits & Liquidity Management, and Correspondent banking to create end-to-end value-added solutions.

Trade Solutions

BNP Paribas supports the optimization of international trade transactions of Global Corporates by offering our extensive and integrated banking solutions, such as supply-chain financing, receivables purchase, guarantee issuance and export/import finance. Our complete range of trade services covers from traditional trade finance and structured trade finance, to supply chain management. As a Top 3 player in the market, we operate through over 100 trade centres with 250 Trade Finance experts across 60 countries.

Cash Management

BNP Paribas manages bank accounts of large corporate and mid-size companies globally. We deliver multiple, customized connectivity solutions, and our comprehensive services range include account services, access to local clearing, payments and collections, cash pooling and e-banking. Already a leader in Europe, we have growing cash management platforms in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa & the Americas with capabilities and/or partnerships in 60 locations.

Loan Syndicate and Sales

We service the mediation of overseas business for domestic financial institutions, syndicated loan arrangements for corporate clients, and the arrangement of secondary sales.

Export & Project Finance

Export Finance supports clients’ broad range of financial needs in sectors including natural resources, energy and infrastructure. We provide lending and financial advisory services, offshore & onshore investments, acquisition of natural resources, and export of Japanese goods and services.

Optimization, Structured Leasing & Transportation Finance

This is another pillar of our business, and has a solid track record in aircraft and ship financing, and lease arrangements. BNP Paribas is a leader in the Japanese Operating Lease (JOL) market as lease and debt arranger.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

BNP Paribas’ global FX platform offers a complete suite of products and services to meet clients’ investment and hedging needs. Operating in all major trading hubs, we offer sales, trading, extensive research, strategy, forecasting and analysis, prime brokerage and electronic capabilities. We have an onshore presence in over 70 locations through the group‘s branch network, with an especially strong presence in eastern Europe and Latin America. Comprehensive electronic markets’ capabilities are provided by the bank’s award-winning Fixed Income platform, Cortex, which covers NDFs, options and algorithmic execution in the FX market.

BNP Paribas electronic markets supports clients across the whole trade journey — pre-trade, execution and posttrade — to identify technical solutions to meet specific requirements. The Electronic Markets team strives to be innovative with new product offerings and works with clients to deliver the most efficient solutions.


The major strength of the M&A advisory services lies in leveraging the BNP Paribas Group’s global network when arranging and advising on cross-border M&A deals. By linking domestic clients with our overseas network, we continue to expand our M&A advisory services


Corporate information:
General Manager: James Gibson

Kanto Local Finance Bureau. License #98

Member of:

Japan Bankers Association

Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)

Financial Future Association of Japan

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